Is this the future of Social Enterprise….

The Social Enterprise Everyone’s Waiting For:

Journalism, Snowden, Secrets … And Profit?

3 responses to “Is this the future of Social Enterprise….”

  1. Omar Ruiz says :

    My only concern regarding this media start up is the fact that it may encourage more Eric Snowdens, which can potentially lead to compromising sensitive national security material all for the sake of internet fame.

    • BriceY says :

      That’s a good point Omar. What I wonder about is whether we need this type of media. In countries where the government controls the media, do the citizens believe what they hear and see? Is there any level of that in America? Without freedom of the press, is there a chance that governments will abuse their powers? Is it possible that, in our own country, “top secret” designations can be used to unnecessary levels? Meaning, the government doing unacceptable things and hiding those activities by designating them “top secret,” or some other level of security to prevent the American people from knowing what’s really going on? Do we need better checks and balances, and is this a good way to do that? Where is the proper balance between security and the governed’s right to know? Who decides where that balance should be?

  2. Juan says :

    My apologies I guess I had not posted on all discussions. Journalism, secrets as a form of social enterprise I guess I could sort of see that since it has the potential to gain a profit from enemies that would like the secret information or business competitors. The aspect of social enterprise is to do good and help society by profiting from revealing confidential information I am not sure that is going to sit well with society so it may not be seen as a social enterprise, more a “trader business”. The potential Omar brings up is accurate is could potentially lead to leak sensitive Government Documents and put Military personnel in danger.

    At this point with technology I do believe there is the capability of there being absolutely no privacy and no secrets. At one level or another everything can be discovered or uncovered, there needs to be a certain limit kept on what we and the Government is able to do in order for the individuals to kept peace of mind that they have privacy. As far as checks and balances that would be a great way to implement action, checks and balances would come in the form of Government and a non-Government group checking each other but the Government can cover up anything they wish to cover up, The checks and balance would work in a “utopia” world here and now, Government makes the decision at the end of the day.

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